Sail 2009

Walking around Bryher, the sea and rocks make a solid bit of ground. This rock seems to be slumbering, with a small smile on him.













The boat in background is Leander, a Brixham trawler. She is now a charter boat, up for hire for training and pleasure trips. Two years ago she saved our bacon by allowing us to tie up alongside after a late arrival in New Grimsby sound. The anchorage was full up, and I had failed to set the anchor in a rocky area. We shared a bottle of wine with the skipper and first mate. This time I have him lined up with the Cromwell Castle cannonry! Elevation far too low to get him!!


Bryher and the rest of the Scillies is just such a beautiful place. I just hope our yearly visits are positive to allow the local economy to flourish. The flora is so delightful.


On the way down from Swansea, the summer arrived, very hot and no wind. The seas are like glass. A nice way to travel, though us raggies do miss the wind which allows us to save all that diesel money!


The flowers on the Scillies are bright, and make such a good photo. Not sure what they are, but these grow wild on the verges of the granite tracks


Just can't help photographing them..


Back in Padstow at the Lobster Research building. They rear lobster as well as study them This fella is a big one. He is actually from Milford Haven, so is named Dia Claw.  Padstow Lobster Hatchery


Again coming south from Swansea to Padstow, the calm seas encourage the local dolphins to come and have a nose around. They came and went, some riding under the boat. Always a pleasure to have their company. Also Minke whales seen, but not photo'd


Another lost soul immortalised in rock. This fella was recorded on Tresco from the New Grimsby Harbour


Grimble Porth, Tresco. Probably to shallow to anchor, but possible to dry out there if you have bilge keels. Certainly a beautiful green bay.


Greenaway Buoy, guiding one over the Doom Bar at Padstow. (but its red??). Sense or not? Actually the headland is called Greenaway Point


Back in New Grimsby Harbour, Lesser Black backed Gull with a chick. Two chicks were seen later! The lady gull stayed there to look after the chicks. Occasionally the male (I assume) came to feed them all.


Last night in the Scillies. Cool as the colours suggest. But still did not want to leave, despite the solitude of 10 days alone.

Rocks in the mist. A summer's morning on Bryher. At first nothing could be seen further away than 200 yards, but then this giant loomed out of the mist...


Can you better this?? Lovely. View is from the top of Cromwell's Castle on the top of the north end of Tresco. Bryher on the right and St Mary's in the background. Just breath taking.....

There I am, in the middle foreground (little one!). Photo taken from Bryher on my last evening. Prince Charles had been on Tresco during the day, so the anchorage was quite crowded. Many young and very fit sailors in the harbour that night!

The new quay at Bryher. I have said it all really. Just magic

Only fish caught in two weeks. He was returned to father (mother) next years brood. Caught off Swansea on the way down.

Takes your breath away doesn't it. (paradise). I met two French men on the beach below. They were rooting around in the rocks and weeds searching for seafood! We spoke in my bad French and their not so bad English. I said to them words to the effect 'this is a beautiful place, it is paradise'. The Frenchman replied with a smile 'its too far from France to be paradise'. He added quickly that he was just joking! Too late, I had already punctured his rubber dinghy (just joking!)


Rocky shore, but so enticing! That after the mist had cleared. I just sat there and admired the vista for an hour

Sunsets are easy when you find them. This one was on the way south from Swansea. Unusually yellow this time

Waiting for the  green flash! Did not happen. Alas there was a layer of cloud on the horizon, but still worth waiting for.

Alas a very wet Padstow. But only for a couple of hours, and its always nice to see heavy rain, when you are warm and dry!


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