Where did those years go........................

Well the last 5 years have flown, or sailed away perhaps. Boat and owner have diabetes and Osmosis. But still there with a smile and bob on the waves.

Family events have prevented several sailing seasons from taking off. The odometer has less than a 100nm per season registered.

On the bright side I did not buy any diesal last year, though have topped it up recently. 2014 saw a fairly major overhaul, with engine being serviced proffesionally. Hull down to the GRP and re painted with Aunty foul. Boats hot water system has been replaced, the exhaust elbow the same. A wet bulkhead has been dried and strengthened. Still the windows leak water, but I have  installed a window shutter that keeps most off the water out.

On the hardon the hard too

Club rules now want a name on the bow. So a name tag was added to both sides of the bow.

Boat name

Back in the water again...........