Halcyon 27

Designed by Alan Buchanan, built in 1972.

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Named Esther, she was bought by her original owner in 1972. On January 1st 1975, she was sold to a Mr Ian Baxter, who renamed her Zircon.

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Photos of Zircon taken with Ian in charge circa 1988

Ian kept her until the 5th April 1995, when he sold her on to Mr & Mrs Butler. Simon Butler renamed her Eilidh, which apparantly in the Celtic equivalent of Helen. Helen is one of two daughters of Simon and Catherine Butler.

On the 10th March 1997, I bought Eilidh.

Some inside views of a Halcyon 27'

View of the main cabin with the table in place. Does not leave a lot of room for movement, and the forecabin and toilet are virtually inaccessible

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View looking forward into the forecabin. Loo is on the right, and the hanging locker on the left. A clever use of two doors allows each compartment to be used privately!

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View looking aft, with the chart table removed. This shows the quarter berth, probably very comfortable, but inacceassable, and disruptive to use. You can see the engine under the sink. The sink is used as a step, down from the cockpit. Actually a clever and space saving arrangement.

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The Loo.

A Lavac loo. The compartment is economical with space, but then there is not a lot of it to waste. Very functional, and has a shelf for goodies behind the loo.

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Switch Board and Engine

Very basic engine controls, and switches to operate all the boats navigation lights. It did not take long to replace this lot with a fused switchbox operating GPS, Navtex and lights.

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The Prop

A simple two bladed prop, well shielded from stray ropes by the long keel. Powerful enough to drive the boat a six knots with the 10hp Bukh.

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Engine Access

The front of the engine is accessed from under the sink! Easy to get to the fuel lines for bleeding and the like. Access to the back of the engine and gear box is via the cockpit sole, complete with 36 screws to undo. This access is good to change the oil filter, the engine anode and exhaust system. On Eilidh, its good for changing the fuel line from the pump to injector, as the vibration from the Bukh wears out this line every couple of years or so!

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Eilidh at home

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