The Cove and its Guardians

Have you ever visited The Cove, between St Agnes and Gugh?

The Cove1.jpg (87203 bytes)

It is a safe anchorage in all but South to South East winds. Our visit to the Isle of Scilly coincided with an unsettled week of weather. Triton and its crew, always after an easy time, took to The Cove to shelter from the forecast North Westerly force 7's that were due the next day.


The wait for the winds was pleasant enough, a visit to the Turks Head, and walks around the islands of St Agnes and Gugh. The cow, after a day in anchorage soon started to see things!! We then both looked hard at our surroundings, and began to see the Guardians of the anchorage. A snake in the form of a large rock was looking towards the Cove's entrance.

snake1.jpg (22218 bytes)


We also saw a Cobra, hood inflated, again guarding the cove.

cobra1.jpg (35002 bytes)


Whilst Gugh seemed to be a bit reptilian, St Agnes sported several mammalian guardians.

At the entrance to The Cove, we saw a doggy face, looking in towards the island.It was quite a sad looking face, looking for its master perhaps.

pooch1.jpg (44720 bytes)

Further along the Cove, on the St Agnes rocky coast we saw an alligator! A sharp jaw stood out over what could be a rabbit. What he though he was up to I don't know, but he did not look too dangerous or a threat to us or the rabbit.

aligator1.jpg (51298 bytes)


Lastly we saw a whale, just surfacing for a breath of air. He looked very friendly, and was enjoying the scene.whale1.jpg (53774 bytes)


Thus, The Cove is well looked after, with these old animals looking onto the waters, keeping the seafarers safe and cosy in their vessels.

We spend another two days in New Grimsby Harbour, between Tresco and Bryher. Whilst there are plenty of rocks around, we could only find one image of a fellow without a neck! He was on Bryher, a 100 yards from Hangmans Rock with its sordid gibbet on the top of it rocky slope. Perhaps the old fellow had lost his neck here!oldman.jpg (129383 bytes)












A climb on the opposite side of the anchorage, on Tresco, took us to the Cromwells Castle and King Charles ruined castle. The views were superb, showing what was still very windy week.atanchor.jpg (11834 bytes)


newgrimsby.jpg (12826 bytes)

But not all our weather was bad. a couple of nice days made for a relaxing time, away from the bustle of every day life.sunset.jpg (12115 bytes)












A glorious sunset on our penultimate evening showed in the western sky.