Pot of Gold somewhere
Found it!
Triton 3 out
Padstow tide gone out
Rivel Camel gone out
Left high and dry
Space for all
Rainy day in the harbour
Beach looking out to sea
Lovely beach
Holiday homes
Quite rough out there
The Queen on her way
Last time I wear that hat
Tide coming in
Fast and Racy
My house (I wish)
Watch where you bath!
No wonder its so windy
Busy Padstow
Basking Sharks
Lots more of them
What a sea dog
Colourful conversation
Back home with a full catch
Thats the way we get around in the Scillies
Sunset from New Grimsby
What a view from Tresco
Cheers from the New Inn
Mines a pint
New Grimsby Harbour
Bye bye for a year
Night time back in Padstow
Our wish for boat leaving (without us!)
Sailing into the sunrise!
Triton against the wall
Padstow and Scilly Isles 2007